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This is so disappointing!

Of the three prostate cancer forums that I have been watching, this one has been the worst from a SOFTWARE viewpoint. Really a shame on the American Cancer Society! And now this loss of three months of data. 

Personally, I doubt I will be back.

Wishing my colleagues all the best in their lives and specifically on their cancer journeys.


  • Sidtippy2
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    Oh no, I can't believe how

    Oh no, I can't believe how much information has been lost.  Hate to miss your words of wisdom Old Salt, I've appreciated your perspective.

    Best of luck to you too.

  • kidclutch
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    This is really terrible. I

    This is really terrible. I was starting to get information about a test my dad is receiving and now the thread is gone. Ugh. What other forums do you recommend? The format on this one is definitely not super user-friendly (and REALLY not mobile-friendly).