Hi Everyone, bleeding from rectum, abdominal pressure left side


Hi Everyone,


Been living in heart gripping fear for quite a while now.  For two weeks in June, I started bleeding bright red blood in the toilet right after the stool came out. No blood in the stool. The blood seemed to have come out right after the stool dropped in the toilet. So there was a long streak of bright red blood in the toilet. I never had bleeding in the toilet in my life prior to this. I had hemorrhoids before, but never blood in the toilet, just on toilet paper.  This lasted for two weeks after each bowel movement, then it stopped. No pain when it was happening at all (After what I read, that is not a good thing). Soon after, I developed a pressure, pinching, pain (not too painful at all , probably a 3 on a scale from 1-10) in the very lower left abdominal area (probably sigmoid area) that has not gone away all the way up until now. The pain only worsens a bit if I eat something that doesn't agree with me. The next time I had the same blood occurence after one bowel movement in September and once in October (this month). They didn't last like the first time it happened to me.  


This is right around the time I started to freak out. I hadn't had time to freak out about before. I went to the emergency room twice because even though the pain wasn't that bad, I know the pain and the blood was not good. I had a CT scan done in September which didn't find anything and had one done a week ago, which guess what? I didn't find out until two days later after I left the hosptial that the contrast did not reach the distal colon, where the EXACT area I had my pain in. The radiologist notated it twice on the report. Why did not tell me this at the hopstial? How could they send me home and tell me I was fine when the area I was having pain in didn't "light up" on the scan. All it said was under impressions was : Contrast had not reached distal colon at the time of scanning. No evidence of colonic wall thickening".  Uhhhhh, so does no evidence of colonic wall thickening apply to my distal colon too or just to the parts of my colon that had the contrast? This was a very hard thing for me to deal with all week. I was sobbing when I read the report. The one thing I went to the ER for. The one thing I had a whole bunch of radiation pumped into me for. The money that I spent. ALL FOR NOTHING. 


So before all of this, I definitely had all kinds of GI issues for a long time now do to high stress for many years. When I'm stressed, my bowelm movements get so messed up. Also, my white blood count has also been up never falling into normal range for at least 4 years. It is always between 11,000 and 17,000. It has stayed in that range. Never really going up, never really going down. I have PCOS. 


Anyway, that's my story. Developed pain in my back a month ago and have a cough that's been with me for 3 weeks. Been extremely tired for over a year now.  I don't know what's going on but the fear of having any kind of cancer is crippling me and I'm trying to be strong.


I'm trying not to worry myself until I really know. Colonoscopy scheduled on 6th or 13th but it's so far away. I'm just convinced that I have this cancer. Why else do I feel something in my left lower abdomen and why else for the intermitten rectal bleeding?


his is my story and my concerns. I Will welcome any insight or thoughts or opinions any of you have to spare.


Thank you for listening.



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    Oh my goodness!

    Did we all miss this post in October? 

    I will send abbey a PM and ask how she is doing. Meanwhile, lets all answer her like this is a brand new post - even though she may know by now, one way or the other, if she has Cancer.  


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    I'm sorry that this was missed as well.  Our board is much more on top of new posts than letting this one slip through with no responses.  Please, Abby if you are still lurking, please let us know how you are doing.


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    Hope all is well with you

    was the message lost with the outage at CSN?

  • Christy76
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    Wishing the best for you

    I hope your colonoscapy came back showing that there is no cancer. Like Annabelle said if this message reaches you please let us know.

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    Why did we miss this?!?!?!

    Oh Love, I am so sorry! By now you probally have your results and I pray that they are good. Know that I too have had rectal bleeding and it turned out to be just internal hemorids. I know that is such a scare you had, and sorry somehow your post got lost....Certainly someone would have reached out to you here if it was visable! Please post back to let us know that you are okay and know we are here for you if you need us!