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Good morning to everyone here! I will have my first chemo treatment this Tuesday and I'd be a liar to say I wasn't scared. My nurse said I would get Emend with the IV pre-meds. I'm wondering how long that will last...just the day of infusion or for a few days after? I've read really good things about it working for a lot of folks. I had my port put in last week and it went well. It is still healing and some of the "glue" is starting to flake away. How painful will the insertion of the needle into that tender skin be? I hate to sound like a chicken but at this point, life is as real as it gets and I have no shame. I am terrified. The surgeon I have wants me to do 4-6 treatments with Avastin to shrink two large liver lesions in the right lobe and then re-evaluate. I can't have the Avastin until the second or third treatment due to the port surgery so I am freaking out that the liver mets will grow or spread. My onc nurse (God bless her) has tried to reassure me that nausea and diarrhea will not be bad and my hair will only thin. I requested a DPD deficiency screening after watching my husband suffer thru eight treatments that destroyed his body with severe diarrhea and nausea. I would like to look at the knowledge I gained with him as a blessing but it has a double side as well that sometimes seems like a curse. I realize everyone is unique and I would appreciate any advice or encouragement. I was told with the lesions only showing in the right lobe of my liver, that resection of my liver and colon with chemo could possibly put me in remission and kill this damn thing. Here's hoping and hugs to all who find themselves here...


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    A Couple of Avastin/FOLFOX Answers

    Hi, Starting chemo can be so scary. I find that the needle into my port has never hurt any more than any other needle elsewhere. I had even gotten a prescription for a numbing agent, but I

    only used it once and then tried without it. I just had my eighth treatment and only used the numbing ointment the first time because it doesn't really hurt enough to bother with it.

    I haven't lost my hair. It has thinned but it's only noticeable to me.

    So far, I've had very good results from the same regimen you're on.

    Hang in there--a day at a time. And best of luck.


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    Thank you! One day at a time is definitely my motto and I'm working on quieting my mind to just be present and grateful for the moment in front of me. It's hard to do. I guess as humans with different life paths, a lot of us try to see around the curve and prepare when we should focus on holding the wheel, in front of us and enjoying the ride. Faith, not fear. Hugs, Missy

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    I posted a new thread on dealing with chemo

    So many friends have now come to me for advise on dealing with chemo, that I've written up a list of notes/hints that were useful to me.  It's in a separate thread.  I hope it helps you.