What makes you happy?

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So.. I lost 2 co workers over the summer. 1 from cancer at 62, the other cardiac event at 59. Lost 2 friend's here. Niece had stroke at early 30s with no known markers. And several other medical issues with close family. Got call from co worker I haven't heard from in 4 years to go striper fishing . It was 5 of us and a case of beer. Together we have buried so many friends during the talks that I busted out in tears. It was bad. Tough guy balling like a baby. But these guys get it.  I know so many people who have died from cancer, or young, and I am not alone. Its seems to be everyone knows a young person stricken. Then we began to talk about what makes you happy. I really enjoy SOME of my family and friends. My wife no longer fights me if I decline spending time with a negative person she understands. I like food and alcoholic beverages. I'm gonna get greif from my Cardiologist for my weight gain post Neph, I'll work on it tomorrow.I have gone fishing,crabbing,hunting,hiking, biking,with friends that  I haven't done since high school. I can't wait for Halloween, thanksgiving, and Christmas. I know the next sudden death will bring tears but I'm finding joy in many every day situations. Thanks for the read, what brings you joy in your life?


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    Spending time with good

    Spending time with good friends and family; reading a great book I don't want to end; beach vacations and dinners out in good restaurants; good food and a great glass of wine; hearing the words NED after my yearly checkup; hearing good news from friends (online and real-life). 

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    Just being alive.

    I find joy in everything!  After my surgery I was very depressed -day to day living was so difficult.  Now that I'm practically back to myself B"H life is wonderful.  I am blessed and thankful for everything. Family, friends and  G-d are a big part of my life and im so glad about it.  Sure life has it's ups and downs and I'll take it all-June

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    I can relate

    Besides the community members I know, my Class of "61 has lost a member every month for the past 4 months...that we are aware of.

    I have enjoyed the vine maple turning bright red to orange, the smell of digging in the soil, the apple tree along our country road putting out rosy cheeked apples.  Then there is having lunch with friends and even sharing their sorrows.  Not to mention getting to visit our daughter and just being present when her son sits on the bench during a college soccer game.

    Yeah, some days don't go right, but I'm alive after 12 years...after being told in 2006 that I might live 5-7 months.  I've had tests that weren't NED when it recurred; and tests that said there were other problems that needed to be taken care or-stomach polyps, thinning bones, enlarging thyroid, etc.

    And I shed a tear once in  while when a death occurs within this group.  Well more than once in a while.  Life is not fair, sometimes.

    But the alternative is not great.  So I pull up my big girl panties and try to live my life the best way I can.

    Hugs to you when you are in pain.


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    Seeing family

    especially great grand kids, that came to mind the fastest with the word happy.  I have to admit content is the predominant feeling right now, I am still alive, I get around, set one task, errand, or goal each day. I gotta work on that happy part... the roll on the floor laughing happy feeling. Joy it’s called...right?

    interested in what others can say about what makes them happy... so I can think about this more


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    I am happy that my health is

    I am happy that my health is so good at the moment. Thankful that I have found this forum and all the caring people in it. The friends that have been so kind to me and all my fun bingo buddies. 

    I had a roll on the floor type of laugh recently with a bingo buddy and it felt sooooooo good!