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Hi guys, thnaks for reading. So...my mom lost her battle to breast cancer this October 11th. She's been fighting since May of 2016 and had initally went into remission for 2 years. In May of 2018, she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and it had spread to her brain and other parts of her body. The doctors were able to remove the tumor from her brain successfully; however, thereafter she experienced seizures during the healing period.

The seizures put her back into the hospital 4 times...the last leading to her departure. Since her passing, it's been hell emotionally for my brother and i, my whole family actually. I feel like i'm in a waking nightmare! Yell I notice sleep and bedtime is the worst. I have some trouble falling asleep, then when i do, i wake every half hour to couple of hours. i was experiencing something where i felt as if somehting was shaking me, like holding onto my arms while I was asleep a few nights ago. i was terrified. Then I heard my Mom's voice; she called my name and i awoke suddenly and all was fine. I prayed to God that would not occur again, and it has not since.

I've felt pressure on the end of my bed as if someone is sitting, so I know she visited me. She also called the house phone the day after she passed. I beleive she was just assuring me that she was ok and had made it over fine. Do you guys believe this? Has anyone else had visitation experiences from their departed loved ones? I feel like i'm numb in a sense now emotionally, my brain is trying to process it all still. any advice, tips, etc appreaciated :) 







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    Thank you

    Thanks for sharing that and I beleive you and I have had this as well.

    May God love and keep you.  May God continue to comfort you.