Microwave with Y90

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Hi everyone!


I've been posting on the colon cancer forum more since my mom is stage 4 colon cancer mets to liver.  But the surgeons removed the main colon tumor and we're now tackling the liver tumors.

We had Y90 radioactive spheres put in for the liver tumors a few months ago (with not much results) and now they want to try microwave on the tumors in the liver.  

I just have a question for anyone that done the microwave proceedure after the Y90.

Will the microwave proceedure cause any effect on those Y90 spheres that are left in the liver?  I'm guessing those are synthetic micro-spheres?  Will those "melt" when hit by microwaves which in turn causes more problems than help?  I asked the oncologist about this and all she said is that those spheres are absorbed by the body.  I'm not too sure about that because how can you absorb synthetic spheres?!?!

Thanks for your help!!