Update - PossibLe bad news

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Hi H&N Members:

I just saw my ENT specialist this past Thursday. He scoped me and said two times "Oh no." Then told me that my epigoltis was too thick disclored and somewhat bloody. Said it wasn't normal. He said might be cancer, radiation, or another problem. So I have to have a biopsy on Halloween day. I know strange day. I'm only 5 months post treatment but still have feeding tube cause I feel a blockage and can only get pudding down. Also only sips of water. Feel so defeated. I'm a fighter but when I go to the doctors always something scary. Did anyone out there have this problem. Really hope I will be ok. Thanks so much for reading and hugs to all of you!




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    Terrible News

    That is awful to hear that from your doctor.  Try to stay positive.  So sorry to hear the news.

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    I am on Suez39 Get Well Tean!!

    Hi Susan,

    5 months isn’t enough time for some H&N members. You said, your doctor  said  “radiation or another problem”. I will lean toward something not so nefarious to your wellbeing.

    Stay positive and be the fighter you are.


    P.S, I did not have the problem you described, but, I did  not eat normal for 7 months.

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    Stay Positive as possible

    I don't know a doctor should be alarming patients like that. He should not be making any judgment till he has test results and can be positive on his patient's situation. With that said keep as positive as possible and the treatment they prescribed for you was supposed to Eradicate the cancer so let's assume it did and this is just a radiation problem or infection, etc. till you get your test results. I've seen it on here many times that there is a problem or aberration and after tests are done it turns out that what people thought was going on was not in fact what it turns out to be and usually something easily dealt with. Also, many times on here I've seen it said " It's not Cancer Till They Say it is" so until you get the results or your test try your best to not let it worry you. Easier said than done-right-yeah. So we're pullin for ya take care-stay strong-prayers your way-Russ