Mom just got diagnosed

My mom just got diagnosed with cancer. She is recieving treatments at vanderbilt soon. Any tips 9r tricks i can help her with.


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    Hi Tnminigolf,

    Sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis.  I assume it is ovarian cancer?  Has she had surgery yet?  I hope she's seeing a gynecologic oncologist.  This is the type of specialist she will need for her surgery.

    The treatment is fairly straight forward, surgery and chemo.  Different people approach it differently and someone else may be able to offer some advice.  I found the following helpful.

    I got a booster seat for the toilet to help while I was recovering from the surgery.

    There are a variety of side effects from the chemo drugs, including fatigue, mouth sores and neuropathy (numbness in the fingers and toes).  Fatigue is best addressed by being active and exercising.  I avoided the mouth sores by sucking on ice during the chemo infusions and avoided the neuropathy by icing my fingers and toes during the chemo infusions. 

    I hope your mom does well.

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    Hi, Tnminigolf,

    Hi, Tnminigolf,

    Sorry to hear your mom's dx.  My tips is to drink a lot of water (that helps the kidney too to flush out poisons), walk a lot, eat large variety of food.  I almost did not get any side effect from chemo treatment except lost of hair and a little numbness in the toes.