Please help What should I expect?


I am 29 years old and am currently taking care of my 66 year old mother. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 HCC on October 3rd, but had been experiencing Acites since end of august.

She first went in because of bloating sotmach, they diagnosed her with HEP C. Then Cirhosis. Then the cancer (on oct 3).

Unfortunaltey she does have a hisory of alchol abuse and i suspect the hep C is from my father (they are divorced) It is a perfect storm.


The hospital that diagnosed her said there was nothing they could do for her as her liver reserves are too poor. They set up an appointment with Pallative Care for early November. 

I am now doing my best to get her into CPMC or UCSF for a second opinion.


My question is, if she is already experienced rapid weight loss (just this last week she lost 5 pounds), bad jaundice, some heart palpiltations, decreased vision, and Ascites, ( they have already drained once) is it possible that she is too far gone and the other hospitals will say the same thing? Is she already dying? She is having trouble walking and is very weak.


She says she cant acces any emotions and just feels numb.

Some friends seem to think she has little time left, others are saying a clinical trial could help.

Please share any advice. I just need to know what to expect.


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    My close friend is at the

    My close friend is at the same place as your mother. She is also 66 years old. She is being drained weekly. She is able to walk and eats lightly. She has had recent weight loss. The doctors put her on chemotherapy and that has challenged her system. 

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    Enjoy the time you have left

    Enjoy the time you have left with your mother. Serious conversation about things other than her illness will bring you closer together. You will always cherish those moments.

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    Hi, I just joined this site

    Hi, I just joined this site tonight. Im going thru same situation with my dad. He is 79. Chirrhosis of liver, and tumor inside of liver. Was 10 cm a month ago. My dad's abdomen was drained 2 x now. He has been in Hospice care here at home for past 3 weeks. He has become increasingly weak, and everday it seems he is getting more brown spots all over his skin. I've looked until I'm exhausted on websites to find out what they are called. I flew in from Seattle to help my mom. Dr's didnt give us a time frame. Its very difficult, so I know what you are going through!