Stop eating


my dad have multiple Myeloma the last stage , my dad is strong he is fighting to live. I believe he’s tired ,he stop eating and now don’t want any more Meds. My Mom also a strong Woman she is his caretaker and doing all she can to make him as comfortable as possible. my da become mean sometimes and then real nice .He get real angry too, sometimes Scary,but my mom handle it, I love that woman strength.,just the other day my dad stood up and went to bathroom and it was hard as hell for him to get up and thank god my brother was ther e to help him, but after all this my dad was sweating. My mom said he had a fever she didn’t know what to do .I just started this Forum so I could help her help him.She didn’t know if it was to sooN to call 911 or should she wait still morning to call his doctor.. I couldn’t guide her cause I too didn’t know what to do. So can someone please guide me though this so I could get a better understanding on What to Do..thank you


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    oh smiley i'm sorry

    It's a hard road, and your love is the best you can give it seems. And it is everything. I think we don't know the answes, when you get a chance to ask one of his doctors they might help you understand.  I wish you Grace along this journey.