The C: Section Chronicles - 9-Oct 2018 Update

Bob Watt
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Very pleased to announce that my recent visit with the oncologist resulted in a further NED (no evidence of disease). There is however a lump on the side of my neck which she says is probably scar tissue from the radiation, but she will keep an eye on it. Next ENT is in December,with a further oncologist clinic in February 2019. So all good. Lack of saliva issue is persisting and sometimes food is tasteless, but in all spirits are up re cancer. However still getting over my last bout of sepsis which has resulted in some memory loss. To be honest I fear a reoccurence of sepsis more than I do getting cancer again.


  • okeydokey
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    so glad your NED Bob

    I know a little about sepis.It is awful.My husband had it last summer when a vascular graft made from dacron got infected.I am so glad you recovered from it.Did you have to take intervenious antibotics for 8 wks?My husband did.think it was vicomicin.I hope you never get it again.I wish you the very best


  • wbcgaruss
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    Bob Hurray-

    Glad everything is good except for the standard side effects like dry mouth, etc. Certainly thankful your scan was NED-Russ