Scanxiety article from Cure Magazine

Just noted this new article in Cure magazine.  As we all know it is so common that we experience this due to fear of reoccurrence or new type of cancer.

I hope the link works! 



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    link works.  Thank you, Lori

    link works.  Thank you, Lori

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    Good article

    I really liked the following from the article:

    "I can't count how many times I have been told, “Don't worry, you'll be fine.” But remember, the whole reason we are faced with these visits is because at one point, we were not fine. 

    One of my sisters tries to be supportive, but I find that her consistent "You'll be fine" comments annoying for the same reason as the article's author.

    Most of the time I just let my sister's comments slide because I know that she means well and that she's probably also trying to convince herself that I'll be fine. But thankfully the rest of my family and close friends supportive styles are a better match to how I feel: guardedly hopeful but aware that things can change unexpectedly.

    Thanks for the link.