Progression of an abnormal Pap

So I had an abnormal pap with ASC-H with positive HPV Type 18.

Then had a colpo= 3/4 biopsies CIN2/3

Now I’m having a LEEP which looks pretty intense.  I need someone to share the progression.  

If the LEEP tissue that’s sent to pathology is into the base membrane, etc.  Does that happen or is the CIN actually treated by removal and gone?

I just need to be prepared for the worst.  


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    labrat4sure, it can be a

    labrat4sure, it can be a little quiet here and I would suggest checking out the National Cervical Cancer Coalition as well.  I am a visitor from the Uterine board, and while I can support you, I can't answer the questions you have and others who have been there.

    There are a lot of good threads there too that will give you some of the information you want.

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    When I had symptoms of some

    When I had symptoms of some kind of 'lady parts' cancer, I hit the ground running and googled 'nutrition cancer diet' and began reading and watching videos on Ketogenic diet, Domininc D'Agostino, Nasha WInters - we need to be pro-active and not be waiting for lab reports.  I will be praying for you - it is early yet - you have the advantage!