Is it time for Hospice?

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     I am looking for some advice about whether or not it is time for me to arrange hospice care for my Dad.  He is 77 years old and was diagnosed with liver cancer that had spread to the portal vein in April 2018.  His first treatment was a chemoembolization that at first worked on the tumor in the liver but of course not on the portal vein.  During his first follow up we were told that even though he still had cancer in the portal vein he did not need to see an oncologist for at least 2 years.  At his next follow up appointment his cancer had spread to the lymph nodes in his abdomen.  We were then referred to an oncologist who prescribed sorafineb.  He started on Sorafineb a few days ago. Since his initial treatment with chemoembolization he has lost 50 pounds and is now very frail, sleeps most of the time and eats very little.  He lives in a retirement community and is on his own since my Mother passed away last year.  There is some limited help at the retirement community in case of emergency but nothing for daily care.  He is very resistant to starting hospice and I am wondering how others may have dealt with this.  I stay with him as often as possible, however I do have a job and must leave him when I am working.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thank you.


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    I also would like advice on

    I also would like advice on how to get someone who is resistant to hospice into hospice! Can someone reply?

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    Ask his care providers

    Ask his care providers whether there are any resources for inhome visits. Being alone for long stretches can pose a safety issue. You can not do it all by yourself. Perhaps inhome hospice is an option. Good luck!

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    Talk to your dad doctor

    Talk to your dad doctor. There are supporting groups. Work with the people who are there for deaf children. Good luck and be well.

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