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Hello Everyone!

I have not been here in quite a long time.  I've been busy with work, shcool and being a wife and mom.  :). I just wanted to share the news that our insurance finally approved a CT scan and the results came back ... NED!  My husband is a little over one year cancer free!  When I was new here, I always liked reading stories like this.  I hope this news gives some of the newcomers hope.  Treatment sucks, but it is worth it.  



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    I am so very happy for your husband and you--wonderful news


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    Double Congrats

    There is nothing better on this forum than to hear/read NED (No Evidence of Disease)

    Congratulations and glad you folks are busy and active and may the dreaded C never darken your door again.

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    Great news. Thanks for

    Great news. Thanks for sharing.. bill