Busy 5 days

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It' been a busy five days visiting a number of health care professionals.  Last Thur. I had a tube placed in my left ear to open up a eustachian tube.  Last Fri. I had my 18 month prostatectomy check which was great for the most part.  My psa. was undetectable.  However, because of my history of poor bladder control my incontinence will proabably not get much better.  I've been wearing some kind of diaper for so long now, that I'm pretty much used to them.  Then, today I had my cardiologist check up.  I have ventricular tachycardia along with apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with some scarring.  Naturally, I am more concerned about these issues.  To me incontinence and needing to wear a diaper is not a big deal in comparison.  I think I once mentioned that getting old is not for sissys.


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    ... "getting old is not for sissys"

    Hi Denis,

    We have discussed your incontinence issue in several of your past short threads. I believe that your ten years-old green-light prostate surgery is behind the problem. Many have suggested kegels but you may have no physically workable sphincter (damaged tiny muscles by the heat) or the local nerve network is corrupted and it is not connected with your brain (the main control center). The lack of sensation makes me think that such is occurring. To solve such status you may look for the traditional AUS aparatus.

    I am sorry for the results of these last cardio tests. I agree that such is much more for concern than the incontinence case. I hope you find a way to have it under control. After all, ... "getting old is not for sissys".