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To start off, I have seen a doctor. I just don't  feel his diagnosis is correct. I am 29 and started seeing brown bleeding between periods. It only lasts a day or two, but I have pelvic pain on days other than when I see the blood. One month the bleeding and pain were so bad I called My OBGYN to be seen ASAP. He felt around and sent me for a vaginal ultrasound. He said he thinks I had a cyst that ruptured and that I have small ones on both ovaries. So if this is true it means they are rupturing every month? I think it might be something different because for all the years I've had a period, I have never had this kind of pain or bleeding. A handful of times I had pink discharge, but not brown stringing and clots. 


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    I'm not a doctor, but yours could be on the right path as this sounds very similar to an incident my daughter had in college when a cyst ruptured for her.

    There's not much to be done about it at this point, but if it continues to be a problem with repeated cysts rupturing or contined bleeding between periods, don't be surprised if your doctor wants to treat it first with contraceptives. My daughter was concerned about the risk of blood clots with that and refused them initially, but is on them now after losing one of her ovaries after both got so covered with cysts last winter that they put pressure on her ureters and caused back flow into her kidneys. Contaceptive therapy is actually a preventive measure for endometrial adenocarcinoma, the hormone driven version of uterine cancer, so it carries a benefit outside of treating issues with cysts and irregular bleeding. 

    The point I'm trying to make here is that having cysts on your ovaries with rupturing doesn't automatically scream cancer; it's actually considered a common occurance. I'd keep a diary of what's going on with you and query female relatives (including 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cousins) to see if this is a family problem . Ask about cancer history while your at it and share what you learn with your doctor. While this cancer, at your age, doesn't seem likely it wouldn't hurt to learn the risk factors for it and see how many you have. There's no screening test for this cancer and little to no promotion for awareness about it out there like there is for breast cancer. Many of us wish we had known about uterine cancer before we were diagnosed with it. Kudos to you for thinking about it and finding this forum.

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    Second opinion

    I would seek a second opinion if you can from a doctor at a different location.  Being you are so young sometimes the doctors don’t look at things as carefully as they would an older woman.  A second op can give you peace of mind too

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    Cadhla, good for you for

    Cadhla, good for you for pushing for answers.  Not everything is cancer, so I wouldn't jump to that conclusion, but answers should be the ultimate goal.  Yes, cancer can happen at any age, but sometimes there are other explanations.  I would second what both MABound and Kaleena have already said.