Swollen and painful lymph nodes 12 weeks after treatment

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Hi all. I am 12 weeks post chemoradiation. Diagnosis: scc right tonsil hpv positive cancer with right side neck lymph nodes involvement. 

Brief history: i had 33 rads with chemo. Treatment ended on july 6th. Right tonsil was removed before xhemo and rads. Felt a significant shrinking in nodes in the first week of rads and chemo. Nodes shrank to 1 cm from almost 5 or 6cm. 

Issue: For last 5 days i am feeling a bit of tenderness in neck area where i had swollen nodes. It hurted upon toiching. Started pain killers, feeling that tenderness and pain has subsided but not completely gone. However, i also feel as if the nodes are swollen and enlarged and i can just feel them. Although the type of swelling doesnt feel like it was when cancer was diagnosed. Any suggestion, advice. Plz comment. I am worried. Thanks.


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    If you’re worried, return to

    If you’re worried, return to your surgeon or oncologist. And, did they remove any lymp nodes when the removed your tonsil?