Update on my Mom

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Hi guys,

I haven't been very active on this board because I've been busy with resuming life and work after my mom's cancer journey.

My mom just got her latest CT scan results and blood test back last week, and she is doing well. Her CA-125 is only 11, lower than 3 months ago when it was 17. Her scans came out clean. Her WBC is still low at 2.5, and I'm not sure why it's still so low.

We're very happy and blessed that she continues to be NED. It's been a year since she finished her frontline treatment (Already!) and we will only continue to pray that she will be NED for the rest of her life. :) For those who want to see my mom's recovery journey, feel free to look out my profile. I listed all her procedures, dates and all, as well as results and the many issues she had during the treatment process. I also listed all the supplements she took and some she is still taking, so hopefully it can help someone.

I will continue to support you all, just as you've supported me and my family during our ordeal.

Thank you!

With Love,


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    Great news

    Great news that your mom is NED and doing well.



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    Congrats! May your Mom and

    Congrats! May your Mom and NED enjoy a lifetime together. ;)

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    Your Mom & NED

    Thank you for letting us know how well your Mom is doing. She couldn’ t have done it without you! Helping her through the long battle against cancer certainly should be counted as one of the greatest things you have done in your life...a meaningful sense of purpose for your own life. You know how sometimes a person looks for the meaning of life or why am I here...one of your purposes was to help your Mom fight her cancer... as difficult and emotionally draining as it is. So happy for your Mom and you!!! 



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    Your mom is lucky to have you

    Your mom is lucky to have you!  We went through cancer with our second-oldest daughter when she was 19 (25 years ago). Unfortunately, she lived two hours away plus had three school-age children when I was going through it. Our youngest daughter was still in college and I really tried to downplay it for her since there was nothing she could do. 

    I'm so glad to hear your mom is doing so good!