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Good morning all,

Today is my last day of six weeks of radiation for anaplastic thyroid carcinoma, last monday was last day of chemo. I feel pretty good except cant taste anything and hard to swallow. Now my neck is burnt from the radiation. But I will get through that as I have through surgery and all the treatments. Still bothers me they say this is fatal and that it will come back in my lung. Still they tell me they dont know when either. I have put my trust in God that he will protect me. I have many many friends that pray for me as well. Of course i plan on living a long life and that it will not get the best of me, yet in my subsonscious, it still nags at me that I am going to die from this. Never get sick, I have had breast and basil cell cancer and survived those both. Now this one is just a bit of a bigger fight. I am a strong person and dont give up easlily. I have wonderful docs at the University of Michigan. But sometimes they talk or act like, well this is it. But I wont take that and I let them know it too.

I have read all the stories on here that offer hope to many and I pray for all of you as well. I just wish there was more research on this cancer killer than I have found. Any recommendatins are greatly appreciated as well.


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    U can win

    i told my docs I was going to win from day one! They told me to get my affairs in order 6 years ago , cancer free and fine! Glory to God!