I'm back

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Hi Everyone, sorry I've been missing for so long - a number of reasons, none of which excuse my absence when so many of you are so faithful in your daily postings and encouragement.  I have been catching up reading posts periodically and so sorry to hear of Abunai's death and the struggles of many - also rejoice with those who receive good news.  I'll try to be more present - inspired today by the turn of the season.  Blessings, all, on this Fall Equinox.  Take care -


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    From reading your BIO--

    ----  you seem to be doing pretty well. Keep it up.




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    So far so good

    Thanks Iceman, Yes, life goes along with no new developments.  I have routine appointment in a couple of weeks with my nephrologist to check levels of sodium, cretinine, etc.  Blood pressure and weight are up a bit so I need to deal with those.  Other than that life is good and every day is a bonus day.  Take care -

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    I missed you! It's good to

    I missed you! It's good to see you back. Stay well and hope your report in two weeks is a great one. I think a lot of folks have been busy with summer lately, and wrapping up their end of summer plans and outings. I guess! So, it is nice to see you again!!