My Girls!

Just got off the long bus ride from Houston to San Antonio, but I can't climb in bed without visiting my sisters here to tell them a little bedtime story of a girl who was diagnosed with  Stage IVB, Grade 2 Endometrioid Endometrial Adenocarcinoma in the Spring of last year.  She had a robotic hysterectomy with which she was very lucky and didn't have pain, and then chemo, which landed her in the emergency room with some funny heart pitter patter, and then more chemo that was a little easier;  and then the girl decided that radiation was not for her.....well not yet, anyway.  So she said goodbye to her chemo nurse, promised to visit her surgeon for an exam every twelve weeks, and went off to live her life.  She boarded a cruise ship to Alaska to celebrate finishing chemo, and on the very first day at sea, the girl and her newly discovered osteoporosis fell down the stairs on the ship and broke all of her right leg and ankle bones.  That chapter of the story was pretty hard to read, because the girl didn't get to see Alaska except for the ambulance, the  hospital and the ferry to the airport.  She came home and had to have another surgery to put her humpty dumpty bones together again, and that was just in time to go up to MD Anderson to have her one-year scan since she finished chemo at pumpkin season last year.  So she hopped in her wheelchair and then onto the bus, and then onto the uber, and soon she was in the land of the white coats, where a very kind Doctor said, "Oh, Wendy!  I have some very lovely words for you on this paper.  Would you like to hear them?  Do you know someone named NED?  I think he'd like to dance with you."  And so for today, girls, NED and I will dance.  And we'll have nice dreams and we'll honor those who have danced before us and those who will dance after us.  And this girl will sleep happily just for tonight, because today is all any of us are promised, and today we won't think about the odds. We'll think about the joy.



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    What joyous news, and so

    What joyous news, and so eloquently stated! Congartulations, my friend, and enjoy every minute of your 'dance'. May it last forever.

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    Dancing with you and celebrating your NED Cool

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    Congratulations! SO happy for

    Congratulations! SO happy for you as your story brings a huge smile to my face.

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    dance on my friend. Dance on!

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    Wonderful news

    Celebrating your fabulous news, so sweetly told!

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    Does NED have a brother?


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    A lovely story

    Full of drama and hope. I give this best seller two thumbs up!

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    pato58 said:


    Dancing with you and celebrating your NED Cool


    Your narrative is excellent my friend!

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    Wonderful! Congratulations!!!

    Wonderful! Congratulations!!!

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    Congratulations!!! Enjoy

    Congratulations!!! Enjoy every day! Wonderful news and so happy for you! Smile

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    Love it!  You go girl!  

    Love it!  You go girl!  

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    Congratulations and may you

    Congratulations and may you dance to NED forever.


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    What a Great Story

    Wendy, big congratulations on your dance with NED!  I truly love your story, with all its ups and downs.  And I might add that your Alaska story put mine to shame!  I only got a pill stuck on its way to my lung for three days before I finally coughed it up, followed by the norovirus which had me confined to my cabin for the rest of the trip!!

    I hope you and NED dance your way through Alaska on your next trip there!!



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    Wonderful Story!

    So merry and uplifting! Here's hoping your dancing days never end.  Best wishes, Oldbeauty

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    Great News! Now to plan your

    Great News! Now to plan your next trip!


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    Congratulations and may you continue to dance with NED!

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    Congratulations! Now dance

    Congratulations! Now dance away with NED!

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    Armywife dancing with NED!!!

    Oh what a story you have told! I am so happy that you have no evidence of disease!!!!  May you dance with NED forever dear one!!

    I got tears in my eyes when your story included NED. Congratulations!! 


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    Delightful Told Story

    You are a great storyteller! What a way to break some bones! I wish that I had been in Houston to help celebrate your NED. We would have had a good time. I'm so happy for you. I hope that your bones heal soon so  you can plan more adventures.

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    I do not post much any more,

    I do not post much any more, but I follow regularly, and had to delurk to say Hooray! What wonderful news! I am so happy for you.