Feeling defeated scared desperate and looking for opinions pls


Hi again  ,

So  I have Been  having  weird  symptoms  that could be  a  number  of things 

 Its mainly  being bloated and  having dirrehea  , Its not every day  but over the  last  month I dont seem to  be  able to  go more 

Than  3-4  days of  having normal  stools  and then  I'm normally  getting  either  liquid dirrehea,  looser stools  and/ or poop that floats 

  My poop issues are  generally during  the morning  when I wake up  and never seem to  happen past  early afternoon apart from once 

Or twice  .

Anyways  I went to the doctor who seemed to think gluten intolerance/ celiac  could be the issue. 

He gave me the  blood test and I cut out gluten that day,  my  bloat was gone straight away  and I went  back to one BM a day 

(Still slightly loose but nothing  really worrisome) 

Anyways this morning  I was back to dirrehea and  then the  dreaded call that my 

Celiac test come back clear, so I'm back to being absolutely terrified  that its something worse  such as colon 


 I will be going back to  the doctors next week  but any words of advice or guidance are much appreciated. 

I guess my main  question  is can colon cancer symptoms be worsened  by food ?

My bloated stomach   or gassiness doesn't appear until I eat. 

I'm 35 and pretty healthy (or so I thought) 

I just want to know what is going on . It may also be  worth knowing that both my grandma and mother have  occasional "poop problems "  could we all have the same illness that hasn't been diagnosed,  can people have  loose stools  without a  cause?

I'm really at a loss  :(



  • Betsydoglover
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    Feeling scared

    Hi - I am sorry for yor situation,  We are not docs, so we can't diagnose your problems.  There are many possible causes for your symptoms.    However, the only way to be sure you do not have colon cancer is to have a colonoscopy.  Have your primary care doc refer you to a gastroenterologist (or just make an appt yourself).  If your scope is clear, then you and the GI can investigate other (no doubt less problematic) - if it is not, then you will be lucky that you most likely found it early,

  • Annabelle41415
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    Scared.  It's normal to feel scared.  Anytime your bowels are different for a long period, you get scared.  If it continues for months, it would be a good thing to go in to a doctor to discuss the issue and see what they say.  Don't worry to much especially if your family history has a problem with digestive issues.  That's a common problem to pass down and it dosen't always mean cancer.  Keep your head up and just monitor it for a couple months and come back on the board if you need more questions answered.  Hoping you feel better.


  • Slow-runner
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    Bowel issues for YEARS

    I have had bowel issues for years.  It first started when I was in my late 30s, terrible bloating after I ate, couldn't pass gas and abdominal pain.  I would not go see a doc due to embarrassment but when I finally did, it was to find out I had a rectal prolapse along with bladder prolapse (too many pregnancies too close together). After I had that repaired my bowels were more normal but then several years later acted up again.  This time no bloating but loose stools, gas and sometimes incontinence, very embarrassing.  Finally go to the doc and find I'm lactose intolerant. So Lactaid milk it is and I started to take a probiotic.  Much more normal.  Mind you this problem started in my late 30s and I am now 60 so you can see I spent years avoiding going to the doc and putting up with these problems (and I'm a nurse) .  Imagine my surprise when last year my husband, who has never had an issue, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I pray that the cause of your problems has an easy fix but if it is the C word, you will find out, as we are, that there is no better time to have it, as new discoveries are being made everyday.  If you ever do find yourself in this situation, remember that it is imperative that you get treatment at a cancer center or hospital that specializes in cancer treatment.  I will pray that you only have to change your diet.  Keep us posted.

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    other possibilities

    As others have said, colonoscopy for CRC diagnosis or exclusion.

    As to other GI problem possibilities, other than just damaged villi like celliac, you might look up terms like SIBO (small intestinal bowel overgrowth), leaky gut syndrome, hypochlorhydria, achlorhydria, pancreatic insufficiency, bile  deficiency, various parasites/infections, which can be interrelated cascade effects too.  e.g. GI infections like giardia or helicobacter can knock out stomach acid production that allows SIBO that also diminishes bile and pancreatin and damages villi.  Where I lived 20 years ago, people often also went to see the degreed naturopaths for faster resolution that might have several parts e.g. antibacterial strategies, replacement therapies for digestive components (e.g. betaine hydrochloride, pepsin, pancreatin, ox bile), higher nutrient densities (e.g. high potency viamins and supplements), GI healing foods (e.g. glutamine, cabbage juice), prebiotics and probiotics.   Gut problems have a long history of needing broader support, self advocacy and self education.