New Publication: NCCN Guidelines for Patients – Uterine Cancer

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If you would like to read or download the new NCCN Guidelines for Uterine Cancer Patients publication that was just posted on 9/11/2018, see the following link:

You can also sign up for a free account with NCCN to download a copy of the complete NCCN Clinical Practices Guideline in Oncology for Uterine Neoplasms that is used by medical professionals.

But the new Patient Guide is a good summary of current treatment strategies. It covers both the common form of uterine cancer, as well as the "high-risk" varieties such as serous, clear cell and carcinosarcoma (MMMT).


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    Thank you so much. 

    Thank you so much. 

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    So many potential options

    I was feeling very stressed since I'm stage 4B and somehow reading all those treatment options made me feel better. I'm only just starting out on chemo, and maybe that is working even. Still too early to tell.

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    Thanks for the NCCN updates

    I really appreciate your posting of the updated NCCN treatment algorithms. 

    It is strange that GYN/ONC don’t standardly tell us about the treatment consensus and website to help up understand better what treatment protocols include. It’s like buyer beware. 


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    Thank you!

    Thank you!

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    This is excellent. Thank you

    This is excellent. Thank you for posting it. I especially liked how they broke the treatments out into the different types of cancer rather than the typical one-size-fits-all treatment plan. This was a real step up in that regard; wish there was a way to ensure every new member saw it.

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    Thanks for posting!

    Thanks for posting!