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anyone ever been  cured of prostate cancer by the combo treatment of 25 external and 1 hdr internal ...I stil having s tough time dealing with the mistake I did ...I feel like a shell of what I was 4 months ago ....I’m so worried I can’t at all going to see a cancer psychologist hopefully he can shed some light ..he is also a radiologist in San Francisco who way back when advised me to hsve surgery 


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    Try considering that you did not make a mistake. You made the best choice given the information and circumstances. Regardless of treatment choice, peoples' outcomes vary as we are all unique. Maybe what you need to concentrate on is where you are now and what you can do now.

    Seeing a therapist is a good idea but... I would suggest getting an independent one. In the UK a counsellor would be considered as having a conflict if interest if they were involved in a patient's care in any other way than therapy. The previous conversations you had with him may influence future conversations.

    Good luck!