Lung mets, wehat about the other lung?

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So I have four mets in my left lung but nothing in my right lung. Does anyone know the odds of having it transfer to the other lung at some point? Or does it usually just stay in one?

Thanks! I'm leaving it to those who are far bettr at research than I am.



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    Hey Jan,

    I read somewhere that mets don't actually cause other mets.  Not sure how that's possible since cancer is cancer.  But the article stated that mets are only caused by the original tumor and that they can pop up years later.  Wish I could remember where I read it so I could provide you the link - then again, who knows if the person that wrote it knew what they were talking about.


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    Hi Jan,

    Sorry to hear the new. Is this your first metasthasis? And was your surgery related to the lung? What were your symptoms if any?


    i have no idea if metastasis can spread around itself in the same organ or even to another organ or it’s from the original tumor.. I suppose it would be hard to tell. But it is an interesting question.


    i wish you quick recovery and a long term resolution.