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Just got done with the Dr for my yearly physical. This time last year I was notified that microspoic blood was found in my urine, which lead me on a path I didn’t want to go down, but makes me thankful for each day!! This year all my lab work came back good. Losing weight has brought all my results down. GFR went from 100 to 89, but I’m not complaining with that number for having only 1 kidney. Creatine was at 1.0. It’s amazing what stats I look at now. I still thank God that my general Dr didn’t pass off the presence of the microscopic blood as an infection and referred me. Next up one more 6th month scan at the beginning of 2019 and hoping to graduate to yearly scans after that.


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    Life is just beginning for you

      Keep sending good news.




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    Good doc

    That's a good doctor.  My husbands doctor just passed it off as an occasional occurance and treated him for back pain for 3 months.  I'm glad the delay was only 3 months.  Anyway, congratulations on your lab results and clean bill of health.  Enjoy life.

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    I'm also glad your Doc was

    I'm also glad your Doc was right on top of things. So many are not. I will always wonder WHAT IF. What if we hadn't wasted 4-6 months before figuring out there was a monster rapidly growing in any rate, stay healthy!! Congrats and hoping for ALL great tests from here on out!!!

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    Good report

    Thanks for sharing the good news, Hoss.  Keep it up!


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    I know how you feel.

    My Dr. Made sure to find out why my hemoglobin dropped from 13 to 10 when I had my blood drawn in November.  I too will forever be thankful to her for finding the culprit early at 2.5 cm.   For those who don't have Dr's like ours be your own advocate.  It's my new year so I'm sending new year wishes for health to all of you-June

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    Sounds exactly like my

    Sounds exactly like my situation.....microscopic blood in the urine.  My doc referred me for a CT thinking it would come back kidney stones.  Surprise!  when he got the results back as possible RCC, he sent me off to Stanford Hospital to an outstanding urologic oncologist who held my hand (figuratively) through the active surveillance protocol and, when the little sucker grew, handed me off to a surgeon who was equally great.  But it all started with a primary care doc who knows what he knows and, more importantly, knows to check up what he doesn’t know and isn’t afraid to refer to specialists.

    Great news on your results!

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    Great news, Hoss. Happy for

    Great news, Hoss. Happy for you!