Alternative Treatments?


I was diagnosed with Oropharyngeal cancer, primary BOT  stage 4b HPV+ in August of 2016. I got 35 does of radiation and 8 doses of chemo from late Septermber 2016 to middle of November of that year. On August 2, 2018 based on my PET scan I was told that my cancer has recurred. My radiation onc., found a very good and sincere Surgical Onc. He is going to do a selective neck dissection plus necessary surgry on me on 9/25/18 to "take all the cancer out." It will be a 10 hours operation, and even after that my 2 year survival rate (Based on a paper that he gave me) will be 55%, which is better than half, but nothing to write to my familly about.

I was wondering if anyone knows about any alternative treatment. I am 69, and if I have a choice I don't want to be all cut up, just to live 2 more years.

Any help from someone who has had alternative treatment and it gave them a few years more will be greattly appreciated.