Surviaval rates for recurrent oropharyngeal cancer



I met with my SO yesterday and among other things he gave me a paper. its says of 181 with Oropharyngeal cancer hpv+, the 2 years survival rate was 54.6% and the hpv- was 27.6%.

I have a selective Neck dissetion on 9/25/18, and will be hospitalized and under observation 24/7, for 7 days if no complication arises. So I guess no post from me after 9/24. I don't like te 54.6% 2 years survival, but found it the best available option.

If anyone has very different data than I have please E-MAIL me the name and the main author of paper.

Name of this paer is: Human Papillomavirus and Overall Survival after progression of Oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma




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    Hey Megrdad, my very strong recommendation is:  s#@%* the stats, and hit the ground running, doing what needs to be done to live the best life possible for as long as possible!  Hit the ground running and do what needs to be done is what I did eons ago when I found out that I was invaded, and about to git in the battlefield up against the beast.  I didn't ask about statistics, or look for them.   It was many years later, during a routine followup visit with my venerable ENT, did my wife and I, just out of curiosity,  ask my what my stage and survival percentage was when I was initially diagnosed.  It was stage 4 and 15%.  When I was diagnosed, my only thought was I will do whatever I need to do to live as long and as well as possible.  I did choose the surgical and radiation route over chemo and radiation, which has worked out pretty well for me, but everyone, of course, chooses what appears to be the best treatment plan themselves.  So, you may want to consider leting the research go, and instead, focus on your recovery journey, since your journey will not be like anyone who was a part of any study.  Keep It Mov'in Forward!


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    Hi there, my docs have

    Hi there, my docs have stopped quoting stats and timelines because they have had such surprising, and good results c new treatments. Statistics are always in the making. It seemed that for years we were stuck in a low dice (or die, no pun!) with cancer treatment for head and neck. You are an individual though, you are diff than everyone else. Patrick has offered good advice. I also wrote a bit about what happened to me this year.That's just my take. Don't give up! Good luck.

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    Mehrdad, I know you're still

    Mehrdad, I know you're still in recovery, and maybe not out of the hopsital yet, but I am thinking of you and agreeing with what Patrick said.  Live every day to it's fullest and don't let the worries of life destroy your peace of mind. 

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    If I listened to stats I would not b

    e typing this, I would be dead.  stage 3,  HPV 

    +16.  Going on 3 yrs. not been easy, every side 

    effect from treatment in the book.  Next month is my next  up.  Just enjoy life to the best of your ability.  One day at a time.  One thing I have learned, guality not Quanity.  Just tryyour best.  We are here to cheer you on.  No one can even understand & not many can walk a mile in your shoes. But keep on trucking.

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    F*** stats....

    Mine were 33% when I had my first recurrence.....and not only am I still kicking after a 3rd recurrence, I’m doing anything and everything I want to do. Say NO to stats.....and as Patricke says...hit the ground running!


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    need feedback

    My last treatment was 10/23/2017 for base of tongue. I have feeding tube. Problem is I still have no appetite and still am bothered with excess heavy phylem. Any thoughts?

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    need feedback

    My last treatment was 10/23/2017 for base of tongue. I have feeding tube. Problem is I still have no appetite and still am bothered with excess heavy phylem. Any thoughts?

    I don't mean to be picky, Charlie, but...

    You're responding to a post that was made in October of last year under the topic of "survival rates for recurrent oropharangeal cancer".  You probably should delete this post and start a new one under an appropriate topic heading.  You'll get replies that way.