Elevated CA72-4 tumor marker


About a month ago, my wife had a panel of serum tumor markers tested in Europe. The reason why she did it is to serve as a "negative" control for her mother (who is currently a 3-year cancer survivor). However, we unexpectedly found that my wife's CA72-4 level was elevated to 24 and to 16U/ml (analysis done in different labs on consecutive days). The normal upper limit is 6.9U/ml. Her other markers (CEA, CA19-9, CA125, CA15-3, HE4 and AFP) were normal. Upon our return home to the USA, she had several tests (including abdominal/pelvic CT), which so far did not reveal the specific reason for this elevation. As with all tumor markers, the most important thing is to follow the dynamics of CA72-4.  And here we have a big problem: although CA72-4 is a commonly tested marker in Europe and many other countries, it is not FDA-approved in the USA. Therefore, we would be enormously grateful if someone would let us know whether it is possible to measure it here. We would also appreciate hearing from anyone who had an elevated CA72-4 level and how everything developed.


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    Sorry to hear of your wife's elevated numbers.  My CEA was always normal so don't count on numbers as much as what they see on the scans.  They might want to do a PET scan to give more detailed info if you ask, however insurance companies don't like doing them because of the cost.  If you insist, they could get past the insurance companies, hopefully, somehow.  Wishing your wife the best.