Is triple biopsy tough?


Just been told I have a large mass on my base tongu.  having a triple biopsy done 9/20. He’s ordering an Awake Fiberoptic Intebation for it.  Anyone have any info on this?  I’m new to this forum, first post. Thanks, Bill


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    I'm not sure what a triple biopsy is...

    But I had two surgeries for my HPV+ base of tongue cancer...  My first surgery was a tonsillectomy and biopsy of the base of my tongue (looking for the primary tumor).  The second was TORS surgery to remove the tumor from the base of my tongue.  In both cases I had an intebation tube run up my nose and down my throat so I could breathe while they were working in there.  Pulled it before I left the OR both times.  Not a big deal.


    Good luck!



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    Bill, my husband also just

    Bill, my husband also just went through the triple biopsy then had TORS surgery on August 16th.  His was base of tongue, a tongue muscle, pharyngeal wall, and lymph node removal.  He is doing good now ... had a minor setback with an infection, but that is gone and is gaining strength daily.  I don't know where you're located .... but if you read this thread much you'll find that it is highly recommended to find a teaching hospital.  They recommended my husband have the radiation first to shrink the tumors, but WE felt strongly that surgery first meant it was gone and, therefore, less radiation would be needed.  We decided this in the beginning because of medical research suggestions .... but when we talked to our ENT oncologist he agreed.  The TORS surgery is awesome because the jaw does not have to be broken and it can reach parts of the body that the human hand cannot.  My husband still faces radiation, but our doctor said NOT AS MUCH .... which means less complications with swallowing, taste buds, or saliva glands.    You will get through this!  Doctors are so knowlegable now.   Prayers sent your way!