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My husband (stage 1 tongue cancer) had his 3 year check up with his head and neck surgeon this morning. Got the all clear once again, and the doctor told my husband that he has declared his initial cancer cured. Praise hands! He still wants to see my husband once a year for the next 2 years (next appt is Sept 9, 2019), and of course if something funky happens, but he declared him cured. My husband was so happy. 

I cannot believe it has been 3 years. Our kids were little when this all started. Now our son is in high school and is as tall as his dad. My how time passes. Treatment and recovery were rough, but our lives post cancer have been great. My husband has been promoted at work, we have gone on vacations, celebrated 17 years of marriage, are looking at colleges for our son, and watched our 3 kids grow up before our eyes. 

Life has been great on the other side. Thanks to all for helping us get here.


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    Congratulations!! We joined

    Congratulations!! We joined the club about the same time; I got my 3 year NED in August but will continue 6mo scans for 2 more years.. bill

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    And this is a great story. What a blessing that your husband beat his cancer and is here loving his family and seeing his children grow and appreciating every day. God Bless and I am so glad everything has worked out great for your family.

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    Congrats,Thanks for shareing

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    Swopoe, I am sooooo glad for

    Swopoe, I am sooooo glad for you and your husband!!!  Gives me comfort!!  It makes me feel that  this is only a short fight with the beast and then on to our happy plans for retirement!!  Blessings to you!

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    Wow, that is absolutely awesome news, huge congratulations!!  Keep It Mov'in Forward!


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    very glad to hear the update. A bit surprised you got the "cured" pronouncement at 3 years. Maybe the profession is finally comfortable with the data showing that recurrence of HNC, BOT cancer is nearly always inside the two year window post treatment. again, congrats!