Information wanted and prayers requested


Hi there 

This is  my first post ,I generally dont post on forums but I  don't know where else to  turn .

I have a doctors appointment tommorow morning so not looking to  self diagnose  but I'm absolutely terrified. I've been having loose stools and what I thought were alot of symptoms that sounded like IBS .I've been having 3 loose BMS a day when I'm normally a one BM a  day  type of  girl 

A little  mucus in some of the  stools. My BM are always during the day and typically morning  and I've found I get gassy  or uncomfortable  after eating (esp evenings ) I've also twice had dirrehea around an hour after eating lunch .these I know are symptoms of  IBS .I had an appointment to see my doctor  next week but this morning  I had some blood in my stool and  I'm absolutely terrified  I have cancer .

I'm  35 years  yr old female who eats fairly healthy ,work out etc so I'd say I take care of myself and  no family history of  colon cancer. 

It may be worth knowing "poop problems " seem to run in my family with both my grandma and  mother having loose frequent BMs at times my grandma went through all the colon cancer tests when hers started years ago and was giving the all clear (she of course also has tests because of  her age and always all clear) 

I'm just wondering what to expect from my doctors app tommorow? What is generally done when you first go to the doctors about this ? 

I'm incredibly nervous and  feel so alone. I've tried talking to my husband  but gets frustrated with me for assuming the worst .he finds it hard to deal with the subject of illness due to  his mother having cancer twice.   I know  I don't know any of  you And I feel a little  odd requesting this but

Your prayers  will be  very much appreciated  .as I'm writing this I'm in tears I cant seem to be able to  get it together  right now 




  • mountainhiker
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    Joshua 1:9

    First step, calm down and breathe.  I know it's difficult, but even if it is cancer there are treatments.  I'm stage iv and currently cancer free.

    Based on your age, you might just get the "it's just IBS and/or hemorrhoids" diagnosis from your doctor.  If you're this worried about it, you may need to push for a colonoscopy.  That's really the best test to see what's going on.  Don't settle for less if it's bothering you this much.

    I will be praying for you right now during my lunch for good results and for God to give you peace through this.


  • beaumontdave
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    Lots of things cause some

    Lots of things cause some blood in a stool, loose stools were never a symptom of my cancer, neither were eating issues, getting gassy or uncomfortable.  Calming exercises involving slow, steady breathing help me when I feel unraveled, so do/did walks. It's just hard to feel panic when your physically tired. Have faith, the odds are more likely one of the things you listed is the cause, and like I always say, if I got in a bad wreck today, all that time was wasted worrying about cancer, which it is anyway. Find yourself a peaceful place in your mind, and best of luck....................................Dave

  • Trubrit
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    Nothing odd in your request

    we have many folks post to the forum, who are in the 'scare' mode. Most all of them post back to say 'all is well' and we never see them again, and are happy for it. 

    No doubt you will be one of those folks; but until you get some answers from your Doctor, you have every right to be scared.  

    Tell your hubby, there is nothing wrong with 'assuming the worst'. Many lives have been saved by people being in tune with their bodies. 

    Indeed, your symptoms could be due to a slew of reasons, only one of which is Cancer; but you will feel much better when you find out what is causing them. 

    If you find that your Doctor does not satisfy your worries, and you still have that fear, don't feel bad about looking for a second opinion.  Because of your age, allot of Doctors rule out Cancer, but sadly, I've seen too many young folks who have it, and early detection is definitely a plus. 

    Good luck, and come back with questions or just to unload. That is why we are all here, to listen and to help. 


  • Jj83
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    Thank you  all for your kind

    Thank you  all for your kind words, I truly appreciate it and  it's a great help today .I'm trying to remain calm and positive  

  • darcher
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    Demand a Colonoscopy.

      It's the only way to be sure.  All the blood tests in the world said I was as healthy as a 20 year old.  The colonoscopy said otherwise. That was just over a year ago.  Had I not done it, I'd probably be dead now.

  • Annabelle41415
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    Change in Bowels

    Take a deep breath.  A change in bowels doesn't always mean cancer.  When you get older our bodies change.  It's a good thing that you are going in to the doctor though.  Your young age is on your side.  Ask to get a colonoscopy like Darcher said.  If you demand your doctor give you one and the doctor goes along with it, your insurance should pay for it.  Let us know how it goes tomorrow.