I am an 70 year old diabetic and recently underwent wide excision surgery for VIN3.  About 4 days postop my incision opened. I didn’t have a lot of pain or blood. I went for a recheck a week postop and my surgeon (GYN/Oncologist) told it was not uncommon for this to happen. I was also afraid I had an infection because I had a yellowish discharge. She took a sample for the lab and told me it was my diabetes causing the discharge.  It has now been over two weeks postop and I still have the discharge. I understand that diabetics take longer to heal but I wish I knew what is happening. Has anyone had this happen?  I have tried to find information but I keep coming up with nothing because I don’t know what I am looking for.  After this long I feel so slimy and dirty even with 2 sitz baths a day. Can someone help me out?  Please.