Gleason 9, proton, brachytherapy, failure. First follow up psa was 74, 3 months later it is 132. Started casodex and pc spes. See Dr Tuesday to discuss lupron and possible chemo. Is there a reason for more scans, we know it's in bone because of my increasing pain, sometimes severe but not always. Any benefit to having more scans? If it identifys bone mets big deal, we already know I have them. Just asking? I know I'll get some good advice on here from people, wish I would've listened 2 years ago. Thanks in advance.


  • kidclutch
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    Hello! I’m no expert, but

    Hello! I’m no expert, but thorough imaging is great to get a good idea of the extent of metastases, and will need to be done before any possible radiation. You will also want a baseline of what everything looks like. I’d be more concerned if they didn’t want to do more imaging, personally. 

  • GeorgeG
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    Scans can be used to spot

    Scans can be used to spot treat suitable locations to help manage the disease and/or relieve pain. It may also help your doctors decide on how agressive they want to treat. If your not going to do any of those things then more scans may have little practical value but if your are willing then scans may be able to help them develop a treatment plan.