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I have gained about 7 lbs. since my prostatectomy 18 months ago.  Is that normal?  I haven't changed my diet.  Eat about the same amount, and exercise.  I believe that I have read somewhere that weight gain can occur after a prostatectomy, but don't know why.  I am also experiences some heart issues.  Could that be a reason?  Probably not.


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    My scrotum was completely black for a couple of weeks after my prostatectomy, when my testicles eventually dared  to put their heads back over the virtual parapet they had gone from a fine set of plums to a pair of large muscat grapes, they did not recover in the time before I began ADT and RT!
    I suspect that if I had had an analysis for testosterone before and after surgery my testosterone would have plummeted, maybe it is the same in your case, the lower the testosterone the harder it is to stay slim.