End of the road for treatments

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Well, we got his latest scan, I believe 10 spots in both lungs have grown (double size at least).  The doctor told him to stop taking Lonesurf, it is not working.  He might be able to do a clinical trial?  We will see.  


  • Ruthmomto4
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    I am so very sorry

    I hope there is a clinical trial that will help 

  • Trubrit
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    So very sorry to hear this

    I hope that a new trial comes up for him to try.  I have a friend with Kidney Cancer, who has been on a trial for years.

    Sending prayers. 


  • Annabelle41415
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    So very sorry

    I'm sorry that your husband didn't get better news.  Hoping that he can get into a clinical trial and it works for him.  I'm not sure if you could get a second opinion, but it might be worth something.


  • Joan M
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    Praying for a clinical trial!

    Has he had any ablations, or radiation treatments?  others on this forum have had surgery to remove lung tumors. 

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    I hope and pray there's clinical trials available for him.  If none, there's always the holistic, alternative approach you can try.  It may be the end of scientific, conventional treatment but there's still other non-conventional methods he can try.