Need answers from others in same situation ....

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I had prostatectomy in Sept 2015. The surgery lasted over 5 hours; the "normal" is about 3. After release from the hospital, I of course had to use the Foley catheter. As of this writing , I still am using the Foley, because (1) there is scar tissue in the bladder (2) I have issues breathing so the urologist is fearful that I will not make it thru the tissue removal surgery.

It looks like I will have the Foley til I die...........any others w/this situation ?? Anyone w/ possible ideas or solutions ??

I know that even if the scar tissue is removed, it will most likely return, so .......


PS - I know I will be incontinent even if the Foley can be removed, and I have tried a penile clamp to no avail ( for a week or so when the Foley was removed for a "trial" ). Has anyone used a catheter valve with success ??


Thanks for any replies and help !!


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    Anastomotic stricture
    The is most likely an anastomotic stricture, a common complication with prostate surgery. In this article it says:

    "In conclusion, stricture of the vesico - urethral anastomosis after bladder - neck sparing RRP is not a rare complication, but can usually be successfully managed with one graduated dilatation. All patients seemed to be stabilized satisfactorily without recourse to more extensive surgical procedures. Patients should be informed of the possibility of stricture before and after surgery."
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    I am sorry for the situation. Several guys in this forum have reported about the apparatus AUS (artificial urinary sphincter) which improved their condition and quality living. You can try contacting them via CSN mail.

    Here are links about AUS with information;

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