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I was in preop at 3:00 last Tuesday afternoon and was home by 6:00 Thursday evening.  I live 22 miles from MDA Houston. I am just now starting to believe they sent me home so quickly.

I meet with the surgeon this Thursday for a Cystogram and hopefully removal of the two catheters implemented.  The wound catheter drainage is not slowing down as fast as I thought I was told it would. The drainage catheter was almost removed upon my discharge, but with my history of infections the surgeon decided not to.  The past couple days the discharge was over 200 mils per 24-hour period and the last 24 hours was at 185 mils.  I am experiencing very little pain and it is manageable without any strong medication.  I am having 99 degree+ fevers every evening, but the fever dissipates during the night.  With the holiday, I have not called in to check on the discharge volumes and was hopeful for input here.  It is just a point of curiosity at this point. 

The celebratory bowel movement finally happened 3 days post-surgery.  Today was my first solo shower and dressing change which made my wife happy.

I really don't remember much of what the surgeon told me of the surgery and LN dissection other than pathology would take 2-3 weeks to report.  He told my wife the surgery went well other than it took a little longer than planned due to scar tissue from my first biopsy this past April. That biopsy resulted in Sepsis and he took his time "scraping" around scar tissue (rectum area?}.  I was worked on for 5 hours and spent 4 hours in recovery.  We all are hopeful for a good report and I am eager to recap the surgery with the surgeon this Thursday.  


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    Common experience

    I do not recall well but I think it was around the 200 ml/day.  I used to empty the urine sac to a container that was checked by the nurse every evening (I did open surgery staying in the hospital several days). They also did analysis looking for traces of blood and other things. It seems to me that your experience is common in RP patients. Let's hope that the path report is good.

    Best wishes for fast and full recovery.


    Your story is here;