Has anyone tried marijuana for treatment of nausea


Looking for alternatives for nausea. My husband has a cholangiocarinoma and after chemo he has significant nausea.


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    Yes I have and it is amazing

    It looks like it has been a while since the original post but yes I have tried it and it is amazing how well it works. I also have cholangiocarcinoma and I my doctor told me I had to gain weight. I tried it and it worked very well. I had no appetite and always felt nautious but someone gave me some edibles and I tried one and not only was it delicious it took away my nausia and made me hungry. I was able to eat and there were no apparent side effects. Better than any prescribed meds I was given to help. I heighly recommend just start with a low dose. I started out with the recommeded amount and it was way to much. Interesting experience but not one that I have felt like duplicating.

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    Hello, my husband was diagnosed in October 2021 with cholangiocarcinoma and the THC pills have helped him with his food intake. When he doesn’t take a pill he just eats little amounts. Really helps the food taste good.

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    When my Doc told my about my AFP numbers, I was already having alot of trouble with nausea and apatite. I was already consuming THC daily for my liver issues. At this time the Rick Simpson protocol was implemented, and the nausea went away after 2 weeks. It is four and a half months later, there is no nausea and no pain. After completing my 90 days, taking a break, and will be doing another 90 days. Hands down, no questions asked, it is indeed the way to go. And would do it again if needed.