stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer

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I just got my biopsy results. Stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer

 I read this is an aggressive form and chemo needs to start soon. Anyone else have this, or know anything that might help me out? Right now I'm just totally freaked out. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi prso - Yes I am very

    Hi prso - Yes I am very familiar with Imflammatory BC, automatic stage 3b due to aggressive nature.

    By now, I would assume you have began some sort of treatment? Are you HER2; usually there isn’t a mass included but my wife had mass size of a lime (was Breast feeding our 3 month old youngest son, by 6 months she had diagnosis HER2+ imflmm BC. Underwent targeted therapy with Herceptin and Pertuz(trial combined them), and then mastechtomy, removal of 10 Lymph nodes, followed by AC Dxy Rubin followed by radiation...2 years later she was cancer free. Was 36 when diagnosed.

    Are you close by to a very good cancer treatment facilit? This type being so rare requires specialized care team. I truly wish you the best and please Keep us updated. God Bless

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    My mom has this.  She was

    My mom has this.  She was HER2 positive and has done only herceprin as a treatment.  They wanted her to do chemo but she said no.  She had a tumor in her breast and nodules  in both lungs.   After being on herceptin for six months the scan showed that the lung nodules were gone and the breast tumor shrunk enough that they were able to do a lumpectomy.  She goes every 3 weeks for treatment.  It’s gern 3 years now 

    Sending you hugs


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    thanks for the input

    I am having chemo now, just finished round 2. Was told this week that surgery is no longer an option since it has spread to the lung. Cure isn't possible now, so they say try to manage it as best we can. Don't know what is going to happen after the last chemo, 4 more to go as of now.