just finished week #4 of 7

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Have right tonsil cancer with 4 lynph nodes same side level 1 &2. Stage was 4a under old staging and now stage 1 under the new staging for my HPV positive. Things are going very well so far. The primary was the tonsil and it basically melted away after the fist 6 rads. The tonsil filled the whole right side of my throat all the the out to the uvula. The radiation doc was amazed how fast it melted away. He says that is a great sign the nodes will also respond well.

Up to this point I am doing much better than I anticipated. I do not have a peg tube and at this point I feel like I can do it without one. My throat is not very sore and I can eat just about anything I want. The biggest problems so far is I have lost most of my saliva and I can not taste any food or drink whatsoever. I definitely underestimated how difficult this would make it to want to eat. I know I have to power thru it and just do it. I know things are likely to get worse in the next few weeks so I plan on getting all the food and drink in me as hunanly possibe. Any spices that have helped give any taste to food?

MY first high dose Cisplatin treatment on July 31 only gave me some ringing in the ears for about one week and then went away. No other side effects and my hearing test before my second Cisplatin showed no hearing loss. Just had my second High Dose Cisplatin treatment this Tuesday and so far no side effects have showed up.

Right now I fell very lucky my side effects have been minimal. I pray to God this continues, but do realize things will get more difficult as I move forward.

All my prayers to everyone out there that are currently in treatment and to all the survivors and all their great suggestions. This site has made my journey so much easier with all the great advice and help.

My hat is off to all my fellow cancer warriors.




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    Sounds great.

    Thats awesome to hear. That is about when the wheels fell off for me. Some people seem to skate right through. I hope you are one of them. Good Luck...

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    I hope the rest of your

    I hope the rest of your journey is the same.  Be sure to keep as active as you can.  Drink lots of water.  Keep your skin very moisturized with aloe and calendula.  Be sure you are diligent in doing your neck and swallow exercises.  The more you can do the better your side effects will be.  Hang tough.  It may get worse, then it does get better.

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    rick the golfer

    You are doing very well compared to many. I, too did not experience much pain and was only on pain meds for the last week and then relied on Tylenol. The fourth week is the one my doctor told me would get worse if it was going to. My saliva went as well, but food tasted vile, and was on liquid shakes after week 2. I tried to walk every day to keep my strength up, and also took naps when my body asked me to. My wife was a godsend as a caregiver. Pray often and stay as positive as you can. Take it one day at a time and don't look to far into the future thinking about what lays ahead. You are doing great!