Basal cell or squamous cell (hopefully neither at all)

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Hoping anyone who has had either of these can answer some questions. I’ve had a “cyst” on my scalp for over a year now that does not act or look like a cyst. I have not been able to get into a dermatologist yet. It was bleeding profusely (from appx 7:30 am - 3:30 pm) so I finally went to an urgent care to at least stop the bleeding. The night before it bled for about 2 hours. I’m not talking a drop here or there, if I didn’t have it covered with pressure, it would be running down my neck within 2 seconds. 


When end I first noticed it quite a while ago, I thought it was a pimple, so naturally I tried popping it (yep, I’m a popper!), nothing came out. Tried off/on unsuccessfully ea time. After about 7 months or so, I noticed a raised area at bottom of it in shapes of a line, maybe a cpl centimeters. At the bottom of this line (or umbilical cord as I like to call it) was a baby “cyst.”  So now there are 2. That one bleeds also. I had doc appt for something diff (new doc), and asked briefly about it (was one at the time I think), she sheiffed it off and said “just cysts.” So I wasn’t concerned at all. I also read that “old ladies,” I’m 56 now, get cysts in their scalp. So that really made me not concerned, except the old part. :). Fast forward to the bleeding... it’s happened anout 4 or 5 times with the bleeding, last time being the worst. It’s just non-stop. In my experienc, cysts do not do this, and, again, only blood, no gunk. They are pinkish in color, raised with first being larger. They do resemble many of the pics of the above mentioned skin cancers. Oh, when I went to urgent care just a few days ago, doc said “definitely not cysts, look like legions, but we don’t want to speculate.” Being an urgent care, they couldn’t do biopsy or really anything except help with bleeding, so they were cauterized—relief there.


Anyone out there have any scalp “things” that acted like these? The bleeding can start just by going over with a brush. Nasically, they are things that bleed profusely when annoyed, do not heal, (will scab over just the tip of them). They’ll take a break until I annoy them somehow and the process starts all over. I am trying to get into a dermatologist, but was hoping for a similar experience from anyone out there. 

Thank you so much!! I apologize for any typos, phone now giving me grief also! 


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    lesions that bleed

    I first had a lesion(circumference of a pencil eraser but flat) on head that would bleed off and on for a year.  Finally biop and had it removed as the lesion was Basil cell carcinoma(BCC) skin cancer.  Later and within 3 years found three more lesions with same symptoms on face and chest;  also BCC.  That was around 2005.  Today I found myself with DLBC non hodgkins lymphoma stage 4 cancer but in Complete Remission(CR).  Not sure but I believe if you have had any skin cancer, you should be watched closly for other cancers at the same time as maintenance for the original skin cancer.  If I was you, I would insist on a complete investigation of your lesions.  BCC is almost always curable and very slow growing but needs to be dealt with and used as indicator of possible future cancers of both the skin and other cancers.  Only my opinion and experience so please see your doctor for answers.