Four years cancerversary

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Four years ago, I was diagnosed with an ugly 10cm monster, just few months after our first wedding anniversary and in my 30s. I was sure it would be impossible to survive. Three of my grandparents and my friend's son, all passed away few months post their diagnosis, so I imagined the same story would happen to me too and these thoughts made me even more frustrated and depressed. BUT My story was different. My urologist told me the pathology report was the best we could expect from such a large tumor and since then all follow ups reports are NED and hopefully will continue to be. I had my ups and downs in last four years but one thing I learned is nothing is predictable so I need to remain vigilant but don't need to imagine the worst. Here, this board played tremendously important role in my emotional recovery, So thanks everyone. Forough


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    Great news

    Don't stop now.




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    Four. Well done

    happy you got good news

    fear never goes away so I am so pleased you doing great


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    dear Foroughsh

     Im so, so happy for you!  May you keep on having NED after NED after NED!  Time to celebrate!

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    Great to hear

    So wonderful to hear this. Cheers.

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    Great news!!  Now breathe a

    Great news!!  Now breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy yourself!!

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    I with you sometimes I get

    I with you sometimes I get all worked up and I have to remind myself that I ha e to be positive there are so many people on their site that have given me hope when I was hopeless. I'm so happy for you and I hope you continue to have happy scans. 

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    Great news

    Thank you for sharing the good news.

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    On your NED scans.  So glad you got a handle on your diagnosis and have put things into prospective-we all think the worse at first-keep positive and iy"h it will always be positive-June 

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    4 years

    Foroughsh; thanks for sharing your wonderful news.  Let's keep this going!


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    Very happy for you. Wonderful

    Very happy for you. Wonderful attitude!

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    That is wonderful news, Forough! So happy for you!!



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    Very happy for you

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    Congratulations on 4 years of

    Congratulations on 4 years of NED. 

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    Congrats!! That is fantastic

    Congrats!! That is fantastic news. May you forever be NED. Annie is right, the fear never leaves. Maybe in a way it is a good thing, and would keep a person from becoming complacent.

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    Happy cancerversary. Here"s

    Happy cancerversary. Here"s to many many many more years of ned! I was also diagnosed 3 months after I got married. Next month is our 1 year anniversary and Oh Man what a year!! Your an inspiration. Thank you!

    Take care, 


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    May the NED be with you,

    May the NED be with you, always :-)


    Congrats on 4 years, there are much more anniversaries to come!

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    Thank you all for your

    Thank you all for your supportive and inspiring replies