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"Living in the now" has been a valuable technique for many on this board, and I strive to accomplish that goal every day.  However, I want to share another technique that helps me, and that is what I call "the short focus."  I set daily goals and on some days I limit my focus on the future to a date certain.  For example, I am planning a hiking trip next week and today I limited my focus to between now and the day I return, a week from tomorrow.  

It sounds simplistic, but it helps me significantly.  Cancer will not kill me between now and next Friday.  I have no medical appointments or scans between now and next Friday. All I have is the (wonderfully) mundane daily tasks and the details of executing the trip.

The short focus gives me a break from ruminating about cancer and other concerns in life.  It returns some normalcy to my life.


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    Love that

    great great idea.  

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    I also try to do this sandia.  I hope this attitude can make me through the next 5 treatments I have. I know it will!

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    Goal oriented

    SandiaBuddy, you sound like me when it comes to my life in general. I'm such a goal oriented person. I plan. My husband,  on the other hand, does not plan. 

    But I never put that concept to my treatment and now I will. When I started treatment, I got a calendar down and marked each treatment. I counted the days til the end. I was going to plan a family trip out west for next spring. Every day during treatment, the end looked further and further away. I just could not see myself making it to the end.

    Now I will use short focus. what can I accomplish today? This morning I ironed 12 of my husbands work shirts so he's ready for the next 2 weeks. Now I am going to rest a bit and read. I feel good that I got that done. I feel almost human.

    Thank you for the short focus idea. I'm going to try and make small goals every day.


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    I am a long-term planner and

    I am a long-term planner and also maintain short-term goals. It is hard for me not to think down the road with a list of goals for five and ten years. But I look at short-term accomplishments as well. I try to share these ideas with other people in my family to varying degrees of success.