No more Chemo & No Radiation! Alone in NY

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I have so many health and then I find out I have breast cancer what is next? I had two surgeries left breast and now I have had two Chemo treatments, two more to go then a new drug for twelve weeks then after that Radiation for 7 weeks.
This Chemo makes me so sick and I have No caregiver as I live in the middle of nowhere's and no family that live close. I live alone!

I cannot keep doing this Chemo & or Radiation!

I have decided to stop everything and just do whatever they need done to see if my cancer is still gone or comes back! What those tests will be I don't know yet but I am sure it will be interesting like all this other stuff.

My oncologist told me he did not think I still had cancer so then why go through all these other things? What does he know that he is not sharing with me? Moneymakers? 

I think they forget that we are human!


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    You're not alone

    Hi! I'm Alison and didn't want you to feel alone. I lived in NYC for much of my life and now am in California. I had breast cancer almost 3 years ago and so far, so good. It was caught early and I was lucky. I had a lumpectomy and radiation and recovered well and feel fine. Now, hoping it doesn't return. If you'd like to e-mail I'd be glad to listen.


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    We are here for you LJB10... maybe get another opinion!   hang in there prayers and hugs to you