PET Scan results question?


Finished 6 R-CHOP for DLBCL, had a PET scan.   It shows "completer metabolic response to therapy" for previous diagnosed tumors .   However, it also states "new mild metabolic activity has developed in lower lungs".    Anyone else have metastasis from DLBCL to the lungs?    I see the oncologist later this week.   


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    Metabolic activity

    Hi Odat, and welcome.

    "Metabolic activity" does not translate automatically to cancer or metastatic disease.  It can be the result of inflammation.  In my case (DLBCL; R-EPOCH finished 14 months ago) I have had non-lymphoma related metabolic activity (signal) on each of my PET scans.  Bursitis in my shoulders gives a very bright signal, for example.  Mouth lesion as well and that was followed up with a CT scan just in case...Negative result.

    Lungs are of course worrying, but you need to wait to see what the oncologist and radiologist have to say about what was observed.  Until then, try to relax a bit. Not easy, I know, but try.  Best of luck.

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    Many chemo drugs can cause lung toxicity, which is basically a form of inflammation.  I completely agree withe Evarista that there is thus far no reason to assume Lymphoma in the lungs.  Direct movement into complete remission ("complete metabolic response") in fact ordinarily suggests that there will be no rapid relapse; it is one of the factors that oncologists get hope from for long-term wellness.

    A few years after remission a nodule was spotted in the base of one of my lungs, and protocol required that it be followed for two years, but the doctor said at the beginning (and at the end) that these things are common in older adults, and seldom malignant.  Of course, your report does not even detect a nodule or tumor.

    Lymphoma can go into the lungs, but the overwhelming majority of relapses are simply back in to affected lymph nodes.  I would rest easy for now, and hopefully permanently,