Herceptin side effects

Little Annie
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Although I have endometrial cancer, I thought you ladies were better to answer my question about Herceptin side effects.

I have gone through chemo and radiation and now I am on Herceptin as a stand alone maintenance drug infused every three weeks.

Tumor was HER2+.

I don’t know if what I am experiencing is a left over from chemo or radiation or from Herceptin.

I am experiencing dizziness at night time and some diarrhea. Thanks.


  • MeadowL
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    I think it's the herceptin.  I'm on the same maintenance drug with an infusion of every 3 weeks as well. I experience a little dizziness the first few days after treatment.  I have more joint pain in my knees & hips... I believe is also a side effect.  Frown

  • Apaugh
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    I had the same treatment.  I think it is a combo of chemo and herceptin treatments one after the other.  Your body is trying to heal and it is hard.  This too shall pass.  It just takes time. It took me about 7 months after my last herceptin to start feeling better.  Being HER 2+, I am also on Armidex for 5 yrs.  In the beginning it was awful but it has tapered off now and doable. 

    Keep on fighting.  HUGS,