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ive been having blood in my phlegm thats comes and goes. gone for a week to 9 days back for a day or so. pink in color,  had an xray came back clear showing nothing. all blood work was good. had CT scan this past Friday.My PC called said that they see a mass on the lung and two nodules.I have no cough or pains that i havent had for 40 years. im not losing weight at all. I am waiting now to see Pulmonary physicians this week for more testing. any thoughts? Or questions i should ask the Pulmonary physicians?



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    Stage 3 Lung cancer small cell

    Hello, the Pet scan revealed that I have a mass on my lung and spread to my Lymph nodes. I'm in my 4th week chemo and radiaton. I have some coughing and now chest pains due to radiation. I'm a non smoker. I really don't want to continue with the treatment. Not sure what to do. They are triing to shrink the tumors so they can operate. I'm looking for other options


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    I have been where you are!!  Was dx'd in Sep 17.  Also small cell, never a smoker.  Also had chemo and radiation at the same time.  It was TOUGH.  Had blood transfusions because the tx brings your red blood cells down.  You get very tired.  Also had some issues with fluid in the lung that was not affected!!!   But the good news, and PLEASE concentrate on this:  I am past all that, feel well, not even on oxygen any more and my scans are coming back good.  I hope you have support to help you get through this point.  My family would bring food over, do my laundry!!  change my bed linens.  I live by myself, but needed a lot of support.  Where do you live?  My oncologists have told me that surgery is not done for small cell, maybe it is because of where my lesion was.  Let us know how you are doing.  We care.  I have found that on line support is just about the only support groups around.  My oncology Dr's also have provided a national portal to me called Navigating Care that is really good for information and support.