Searching for free/lesser cost cancer mutation test

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Hi guys.  I know you all have heard of testing our cancer tissues to know what type of cancer mutation we have (I know there's the KRAS wild, the BRAF, etc.).  Do you know of any place that offers that for free or for a minimal cost and how much if you know? And do they allow overseas sampling? Because I want to test what type of mutation I have but its an out-of-pocket expense.


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    India could be a possibility has got reasonably low prices on this and thers probably more labs out there doing the same thing. A bit of research needed to find the good, reliable one. 

    KRAS 12000 INR and BRAF 9600 INR (approx 200 & 170 USD). Shipping cost comes in addition.

    I don't know how the policy is about this in the US, but in Norway I'm pretty certain I could obtain samples of my own tissue for such analysis.

    Not very cheap, but still lower cost than US based labs. FedEx and others have good guidelines for how to properly pack and send biological samples etc.

    Regards, Bjorn


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    You probably want Next Gen

    You probably want Next Gen sequencing which would check for the current standard 300+ known mutations at the same time rather than point assays.

    I had mine done for free at Mass General Hospital but that was because I have a family member that works there. I've asked him what it costs and he told me $1,000 but that seems pretty low as I've seen pricing for commercial labs from $3,000 to $5,000.

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    Foundation One Lab

    We had my husband's sent to Foundation One Lab and there was no cost to us. It says on their site that they will send to your insurance company and they will take what they give them and not ask you for the remainder. My husband's bill was $5000.00 and that was almost 2 years ago and never a bill sent to us. You can call and talk to them about their billing process, from what I understood they are given grants to do the testing from drug companies because if you have a certain mutation then their drug will work for you so money for them. Call and talk to them they are very nice and informative.

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    Thanks for the input everyone

    I appreciate it.